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Please note we do not currently offer Reiki treatments.
Reiki originated with Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th century and travelled to US with Ms. Hawayo Takata just before the Second Great War get started. She settled in Hawaï Island where she established several clinics, gave treatments and initiated students.

The Japanese word Reiki (say ray-key) refers to the life energy flowing within all living things.

What to expect during a session?
The client remains clothed. Practitioner’s hands are place on or over several spots for about 5 minutes each. The Reiki energy flow into to the client’s body in order to reach a total relaxation and restore the balance in the body and thus allow the physical organs and tissues to complete their healing process.

Benefits of Reiki

      •    Relaxation
      •    Restores Physical, Mental and Emotional balances
      •    Increase the energy level
      •    Control the pain
      •    Can be used as a complement of other health treatments
      •    Reiki is totally harmless
      •    Reiki is a strong and gentle energy
      •    Help in the recovery process (after surgeries for example)
Details and Pricing

Reiki Session Prices (plus GST)
1 hour session (adults) $65
½ hour (children) $45
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